We will accept venison through November 30th, 2017.

Boneless trim will be accepted again January 13th – 31st, 2018.



Click here for a PDF of the 2017-2018 venison season information.

-A $50 deposit is required on all orders.

-The carcass tag must accompany the deer/trim to the processor. (Proclamation contains details regarding this requirement.)

-We encourage our customers who bring in boneless trim for processing to be extra diligent in trimming away any damaged or dirty meat before bagging. Please do not use scented bags, and limit the amount of meat in each bag to about 15#. Bring trim in a sturdy, DISPOSABLE box, NOT coolers or totes that are valuable to you! We are not responsible for the return of those items.

-Please be considerate of our freezer space and pick up your order promptly after notification.

-Lead fragments in venison have become a concern for hunters and processors. We have always kept your deer separate from others in all stages of our processing and we will continue to do this. We take extra precautions when processing your deer to minimize your exposure to lead in the meat. Please handle all carcasses properly.

-Please remember there is a 20-pound minimum batch size for each type (flavor) of sausage ordered, including snack sticks.

-A 5-pound minimum (wet weight) is recommended for jerky and only one flavor (original, pepper or teriyaki) of jerky per deer may be ordered.

-All sausage prices include beef, pork, cheese and potatoes according to our regular recipe proportions.

-Special seasoning requests for sausage are $0.10 more per pound.

-A few tips for keeping your deer cool until you’re able to bring it in to be processed:

-After field dressing, fill cavity with ice to cool off fast.
-Spread rib cage and prop open to allow body heat to escape and deer to cool thoroughly.
-Hang somewhere cool if possible.
-Do NOT store in covered pickup bed!


Parshall Plant

2452B 70th Ave NW – Parshall, ND 58770
Follow Hwy 37 to mile marker 18 and then go north 1.5 miles
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Closed Sunday
(Hours through November only – please call to check hours in December)

Garrison Plant

#1 Cessna Drive – Garrison, ND 58540
About 1/2 mile west of Garrison on Hwy 37
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Closed Sunday
(Hours through November only – please call to check hours in December)


We will NOT be picking up deer or trim in Minot this year. You can drop off in Garrison or Parshall.
We will however be brining orders back to Minot upon completion.
When putting in your orders, please remind us that you would like a Minot delivery. 

2017-2018 PRICES

Hide-on Deer$100
Skinned Deer$120
Caped Deer$120
Deer Quarters$17.50/quarter
Boneless Trim$20/order
Boneless Trim over 100#$50/order
(whole by the pound on rail weight)
(whole by the pound on rail weight)
Elk & Moose Trim$100/animal
Caping Elk or Moose$50/animal
Country Sausage - Original or Cajun$2.70/lb
Cheddar Sausage$3.10/lb
Jalapeno/Cheddar Sausage$3.20/lb
Potato Sausage$2.80/lb
Potato/Cheddar Sausage$3.20/lb
Summer Sausage$2.30/lb
Breakfast Links$3.20/lb
Bulk Sausage - Country or Southern$2.20/lb
Snack Sticks - Original, Pepper or Teriyaki$3.45/lb
Jerky - Original, Pepper or Teriyaki
**One flavor per deer
$3.80/lb (wet weight)